About Y-panel

WMT Y-Panel® combines high-end design with state-of-the-art infrared flatpanel technology. 
This new product line mesmerizes with it’s elegant glass-finish softline design and incomparable thermal output, all the while securing maximum flexibility through it’s modular concept.

Innovative WMT flatpanel technology, combined with a newly developed glass body, ensures minimal heating-up time and a maximum of thermal radiation. The high-end compact structure ensures minimum weight together with maximum thermal output!

Y-Panel’s design fascinates with an integrated switch-system (also available as a touch button) and a sophisticated frameless look. The softline-design body impresses with small measures and appears as if floating in front of the wall!

The modular concept  makes a whole range of extensions possible, allowing for connected loads between 300 watt up to 900 watt, requiring only one connecting cable via the master-panel. Horizontal and vertical mounting options guarantee maximum flexibility, fit for every situation.

Radiation makes the difference!

Comparable to the cozy thermal radiation of a tiled stove, infrared radiant heat evenly spreads into a room, heating up solid objects, the body and the room shell. This principle carefully avoids energy loss, undesireable air currents and whirls of dust, creating on the other hand so-called „heat islands“, comfortably heated spaces at close range, right where the warmth is needed. By raising the comfort-level and skin-temperature, the room’s average air temperature can be lowered by up to 3° C.

Used as an island heating option for a cold office desk, as an additional heat source in the bathroom or as a modern system component in a passive house – thanks to WMT flatpanel technology, minimum energy consumption equals maximum output.


quality made in austria!

  Y-Panel   Modules Size Capacity
M 1 60 x 60 cm 300 Watt
L 1+1 121 x 60 cm 600 Watt
XL 1+2 182 x 60 cm 900 Watt


Technical specifications (1 module)   Colour White
Size 600 x 600 mm Capacity 300 W
Maximal panel depth max. 11 mm Weight 4,5 KG
Wall distance 25 mm Protection IP20


New buildings: In rooms of 20m²,  Y-Panel XL (900 watt) can be used as a full-fledged, stand-alone heating system.

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